A standing ovation for Jean-Paul Belmondo!


PostED ON 14.10.2015 AT 9:10AM


Jean-Paul Belmondo received a ten-minute standing ovation on Tuesday, following the screening of Belmondo by Belmondo, the documentary made by Paul Belmondo on his father. The 360-seat theater was too small to accommodate the many enthusiastic fans that had come to pay homage to the actor!


13OCT Pathe Belmondo Jlucmege 5090
© Institut Lumière / Photo Jean-Luc Mège


Among the audience: Vincent Lindon, Daniel Auteuil, Jean Becker, Jean-François Stévenin Clotilde Coureau, Laurent Gerra... who wouldn't have missed the event for anything in the world… like the many fans and autograph-seekers who couldn't get in, though they had showed up far in advance. Very moved by so many outbursts of applause, Jean-Paul Belmondo struggled to contain his words: "When I see all this, all these stunts on the screen, I can hardly believe that I could do all that! And when I hear all this applause, I have a hard time realizing it's for me! I've done nothing to deserve this! But the Lyonnais are very, very warm-hearted! What an adventure this is!" And his friend Charles Gérard continued, "Adventure is the adventure!" referring to the Lelouch film which starred Belmondo. For this special screening, Jean-Paul Belmondo was surrounded by his son Paul and his son Victor. It was the first time he discovered the film with the family!

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