Previous editions of Lumière


Lumière 2014

Lumière Award : Pedro Almodovar




 The era of Claude Sautet
Directed by Frank Capra
The saga of Musashi Miyamoto
1964 : A certain Bob Robertson…
Homages in their presence
Special screenings
Cartes blanche to Pedro Almodóvar
Invitation to the Filmoteca española
The Cinéma Français, by Bertrand Tavernier
A permanent history of women filmmakers : Ida Lupino
Coluche, Actor
Splendors of Restoration 2014
Sublime moments of silent cinema
Figures of cinephilia
Epic screenings
Documentaries on the cinema
Master class - Meetings



Lumière 2013

Lumière Award : Quentin Tarantino




Ingmar Bergman, a life of cinema
Hal Ashby, the forgotten director of the 70s
Henri Verneuil, black and white (1950- 1960)
Splendors of Restoration 2013
A personal journey through cinema by Quentin Tarantino
Art of Noir
Rarities in the history of cinema
Maurice Jarre by Jean-Michel Jarre
Big screenings
The silent in talkies, the talkies, in silent :1927-1931
Sublime moments of Silent Films
Vive the cinémathèques!
25 years of Studio Ghibli
Films on films : documentaries on the cinema


Lumière 2012

Lumière Award : Ken Loach




The Glory of Vittorio De Sica
The Pleasure of Max Ophuls
«Dino!», memories of Dean Martin
Baby Cart, a Japanese saga (the complete series)
Events et Homages
Grand Screenings of iconic films
 Moments in historory
Sublime moments of Silent Films
Splendours of Restoration 2012
Documentaries on the cinema


Lumière 2011

Lumière Award : Gerard Depardieu




Jacques Becker
William A. Wellman 
Yakusa ! 
Roger Corman
Kevin Browlow
Rediscovered time ( Le temps retrouvé)
Already classics! (Déjà classiques !)
Special events



Lumière 2010

Lumière Award : Milos Forman




The cinema of Luchino Visconti
The forgotten French cinema of Raymond Bernard
The best restorations of 2010
Already classics! (Déjà classiques !)
Profondo rosso : the cinema of Dario Argento
American rarities from the 70’S
Special events and tributes
Sublime moments in silent film (Sublimes moments du muet)
Cinema documentaries



Lumière 2009

Lumière Award : Clint Eastwood




Sergio Leone
Don Siegel
Shin Sang-ok
Art of Noir
Sublime moments in silent film (Sublimes moments du muet)
Rediscovered, restored, on the big screen again!


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