8 Films by Julien Duvivier in restored prints

Pépé le Moko, Dance Program, The End of the Day, Panic... Julien Duvivier directed some of the best French films of the years 1930-1950, collaborating with the finest screenwriters (Charles Spaak, Henri Jeanson...) and actors (Jean Gabin, Michel Simon, Louis Jouvet, Viviane Romance...) of his time. Thanks to Pathé, TF1 DA, Gaumont, SND, StudioCanal.


Vincent Lindon présentera 3 films de Julien Duvivier :
Deadlier than the Male on Monday, October 12 at the Cinéma Comœdia at 10:30pm
Escape from Yesterday on Tuesday, October 13 at Pathé Cordeliers at 5:30pm
Pépé le Moko on Tuesday, October 13 at the Cinéma Saint Denis at 8:30pm

David Golder (1931, 1h31)
At the end of his life, a wealthy banker of Polish Jewish origin (Harry Baur) realizes that he is alone in the world... This first sound film by Julien Duvivier is a dark gem, reflecting a desperate vision of human relationships.
CNP Bellecour Mon. 4:15pm | Institut Lumière Thu. 9:15am | CNP Bellecour Fri. 10pm | La Fourmi Sun. 2:45pm  

Escape from Yesterday (La Bandera, 1935, 1h43)
A murderer on the run (Jean Gabin) joins the Spanish Foreign Legion... A psychological drama about the fate of castaways of life, thrown into a unrealistic realm. With Annabella.
Pathé Cordeliers Tue. 5:30pm | Comœdia Fri. 11am | CNP Bellecour Sat. 5:30pm

They Were Five (La Belle équipe, 1936, 1h44)

Unemployed workers win the lottery and open a tavern... An ode to freedom and brotherhood emblematic of the year 1936, at the dawn of the Popular Front and the Spanish Civil War. With Jean Gabin, Charles Vanel, Viviane Romance.
Pathé Bellecour Mon. 11am | Comœdia Wed. 11am | Vénissieux Thu. 2:30pm  (in AD and VFSTF) | Pathé Bellecour Sat. 4:30pm

Pépé le Moko (1937, 1h34).
The police search for a Parisian kingpin hiding in the Casbah of Algiers... This first true black and romantic French film exalts the desperate poetry of lowlands, flawlessly portrayed by Jean Gabin.
Cinéma Saint-Denis Tue. 8:30pm  | Cinéma Opéra Wed. 6pm | Comœdia Thu. 11am | Décines Sat. 4:30pm

Dance Program (Un carnet de bal, 1937, 2h)

A young widow finds the dance card from when she was 16. She contacts her former beau... A nostalgic trip, awarded at the Venice Film Festival. With Mary Bell, Harry Baur, Fernandel, Raimu, Louis Jouvet, Pierre Blanchar.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 10:45am | Mions Tue. 8pm | La Fourmi Wed. 4:30pm | Comœdia Sat. 10:30am

The End of the Day (La Fin du jour, 1939, 1h45)

A retirement home for needy actors (Michel Simon, Victor Francen ...) is turned upside down by the arrival of a new resident (Louis Jouvet)... The favorite film of its author, a tribute to the actors, with delicious dialogues by Charles Spaak.
Pathé Bellecour Sat. 10pm

Panic (Panique, 1946, 1h31)

After a murder, only the misanthropic Mr. Hire (Michel Simon) seems indifferent. The crowd calls for the culprit... A postwar film, oppressive and pessimistic, dark but brilliant, not to be missed.
Comœdia Tue. 11am | Pathé Bellecour Fri. 11am | Duchère Sat. 8:30pm  | Cinéma Opéra Sun. 4:45pm

Deadlier than the Male (Voici le temps des assassins, 1956, 1h55)
A restaurant owner (Jean Gabin) hosts a student (Gérard Blain), then a young girl (Danielle Delorme) arrives from Marseille... Conspiracies, lies and treachery succeed one another in this film, which Truffaut considered Duvivier's best.
Comœdia Mon. 10:30am | UGC Confluence Wed. 8:30pm  | Caluire Thu. 8:30pm  | Villa Lumière Sat. 9:15pm | Pathé Bellecour Sun. 2:15pm

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