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Discover Mexican film heritage: the famous film director Emilio Fernández, better known as "El Indio"; Mexico's preferred genre, the Melodrama; films noir rediscovered in recent years... Thanks to the Morelia Festival, the UNAM and the National Cineteca of Mexico.


Another Dawn by Julio Bracho (Distinto amanecer,1943, 1h46)
A union activist finds refuge with a childhood friend after the murder of a colleague... A political thriller of the golden age of Mexican cinema evoking corruption and the end of ideals.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 5pm | La Fourmi Thu. 5:15pm | Villa Lumière Fri. 11am

The Other One by Roberto Gavaldón (La otra, 1946, 1h38)

Maria decides to murder her wealthy twin sister to take her place... A film noir with an impressive index of contrasts, to paint a portrait of an intriguing woman.
Institut Lumière Tue. 2:30pm  | La Fourmi Wed. 10pm | CNP Bellecour Sat. 10pm

Enamorada by Emilio Fernández (1946, 1h39)

A general imposes a distribution of wealth then falls in love with the daughter of a rich aristocrat... An elegant and poetic romance about the Mexican revolution with Mexican cinema legends Maria Felix and Pedro Armendariz.
Pathé Bellecour Mon. 2:15pm  | Pathé Cordeliers Tue. 3pm | CNP Bellecour Sun. 2:30pm  

Aventurera by Alberto Gout (1950, 1h41)

Elena, freshly arrived in Juarez, is delivered to the owner of a brothel... In an atmosphere of vice and chaos, the only mode of survival lies in diving into perversion devoid of morals, celebrating an aggressive and uninhibited sexuality.
Pathé Bellecour Fri. 8:45pm  | CNP Bellecour Sat. 3pm | CNP Bellecour Sun. 5:15pm

Macario de Roberto Gavaldón (1960, 1h31)

The timber seller Macario, as poor and as hungry as his six children, runs into the Devil, God and Death. He feels he has a strange power... Between fantastic funeral, fantasy and allegory, the film describes the cruel daily life of Mexican farmers… with a sort of magical realism.
La Fourmi Mon. 5pm | CNP Bellecour Wed. 2:30pm  | CNP Bellecour Sat. 5:45pm

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