Gaumont, since the beginning of the cinema

Gaumont celebrates its 120th anniversary, providing the perfect opportunity to delve into a catalog of great films and rediscover choice works, from early silent films (don't miss "An Evening at the Gaumont-Palace" at the Auditorium, in honor of the prestigious hall of the Paris Belle Époque) to the popular cinema of Gérard Oury, or great classics by Maurice Pialat.

An Evening at Gaumont-Palace
Program of silent films (1900-1920, 1h30)
A trip to the golden age of the Gaumont-Palace, the legendary theater of the Parisian Belle Époque… The best silent films from 1900 to 1910, produced by Gaumont.
Auditorium of Lyon Wed. 8pm
Piano accompaniment

The Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Theodor Dreyer (1928, 1h21)
Joan (Renée Falconetti) is tried for heresy and claims her innocence, but the judges have already decided her fate... Beyond the myth, the portrait of a woman in a sublimely bare setting. Powerful.
Auditorium of Lyon Sun. 11am
Organ accompaniment

Dance Program by Julien Duvivier (1937, 2h)
A young widow finds the dance card from when she was 16. She contacts her former beau... A nostalgic trip, awarded at the Venice Film Festival. With Mary Bell, Harry Baur, Fernandel, Raimu, Louis Jouvet, Pierre Blanchar.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 10:45am | Mions Tue. 8pm | La Fourmi Wed. 4:30pm | Comœdia Sat. 10:30am

Beating Heart by Henri Decoin (1940, 1h37)
Arlette (Darrieux), a young orphan, is brought in by Aristide (Saturnin Fabre) to his school of robbers... A movie full of twists, inspired by the great American comedies.
Villa Lumière Thu. 8pm | Institut Lumière Fri. 11:30am

Savage Triangle by Jean Delannoy (1951, 1h58)
Marie (Madeleine Robinson), a prostitute in Marseille, moves in with her son Simon who grew up with a nanny ... Delannoy modesty portrays the close love between a mother and son.
Pathé Bellecour Fri. 2:45pm  | Institut Lumière Sat. 7pm

Paris Pick-Up by Marcel Bluwal (1962, 1h25)
Albert Herbin (Robert Hossein), just released from prison, meets Martha Dravet (Lea Massari). At home, they discover the corpse of her husband... A heavy atmosphere and manipulation in this film of an implacable setting.
Institut Lumière Tue. 9:30am | Pathé Bellecour Sun. 11am

A Woman in White by Claude Autant-Lara (1966, 1h26)
Claude Sauvage (Marie-José Nat), a young gynecologist, recounts her last six months at the hospital... Claude Autant-Lara makes a committed film on the burning question of a woman's right to choose.
Pathé Bellecour Wed. 5pm | Institut Lumière Thu. 11:15am

Troubleshooters by Georges Lautner (1971, 1h44)
After three years in prison for jewelry theft, Serge Aubin (Jean Yanne) kidnaps his wife Clara (Mireille Darc), who had denounced him. But mobsters want the booty... A detective comedy well served by the dialogues of Bertrand Blier.
Rillieux-la-Pape Tue. 8pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sat. 2:30pm

We Won't Grow Old Together by Maurice Pialat (1972, 1h47)
Jean (Jean Yanne), a filmmaker, leaves his wife (Macha Meril) for his longtime mistress (Marlène Jobert)... An openly autobiographical film by Maurice Pialat, and a Best Actor win at Cannes for Jean Yanne.
Comœdia Tue. 7:15pm | La Fourmi Thu. 8pm | CNP Bellecour Fri. 7:30pm | CNP Bellecour Sat. 8:15pm

Delusions of Grandeur by Gérard Oury (La Folie des grandeurs, 1971, 1h49)
In 17th century Spain, the Minister of Finance, don Salluste (Louis de Funès), uses his valet Blaze (Yves Montand) to get revenge on the Queen... A wacky comedy inspired by Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo.
Pathé Carré de Soie Tue. 8:30pm  | Pathé Bellecour Thu. 5pm | Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon Thu. 8pm

Don Giovanni by Joseph Losey (1979, 2h56)

Don Giovanni, the famous seducer and manipulator, is haunted by the ghost of the father of one of his conquests ... Adapted from Mozart's opera, a major work, alternately funny and grave. One of the most prestigious Gaumont productions.
Pathé Vaise Tue. 8pm | Comœdia Thu. 2pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sun. 4:45pm

Master class

Nicolas Seydoux, President of Gaumont
Villa Lumière Wed. 6pm

The evolution of image and sound techniques from 1895 to 2015 by Gaumont, Éclair cinema and Diapason
Villa Lumière Thu. 11am

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