Remembering Jean Yanne

Tribute to Jean Yanne, troublemaker and jack-of-all-trades - cabaret, radio, song, film - with a propensity for sketches and parodies. He was directed by the likes of Chabrol, Lautner or Pialat (thanks to whom he won a Prize at Cannes), and directed offbeat, comical films, mocking both politics and entertainment.



Chinese in Paris by Jean Yanne (Les Chinois à Paris, 1974, 1h54)

The Chinese invade France. While the President of the Republic (Bernard Blier) flees to New York, Régis Forneret (Jean Yanne) is organizing the black market... A satirical comedy that scratches the surface of France of the Occupation.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 2:15pm  


This Man Must Die by Claude Chabrol (Que la bête meure, 1969, 1h50)
To avenge the death of his son, killed by a reckless driver, a man (Michel Duchaussoy) enters the inner circle of the family of the culprit (Jean Yanne)... An intense face-to-face in this captivating thriller, a major work by Chabrol.
Pathé Cordeliers Mon. 2:30pm  | Cinéma Opéra Wed. 3pm | La Fourmi Sat. 3pm | Charbonnières-les-Bains Sat. 8pm

Troubleshooters by Georges Lautner (Laisse aller… c'est une valse !, 1971, 1h44)
After three years in prison for jewelry theft, Serge Aubin (Jean Yanne) kidnaps his wife Clara (Mireille Darc), who had denounced him. But mobsters want the booty... A detective comedy well served by the dialogues of Bertrand Blier.
Rillieux-la-Pape Tue. 8pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sat. 2:30pm  

We Won't Grow Old Together 
by Maurice Pialat (Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble, 1972, 1h47)
Jean (Jean Yanne), a filmmaker, leaves his wife (Macha Meril) for his longtime mistress (Marlène Jobert)... An openly autobiographical film by Maurice Pialat, and a Best Actor win at Cannes for Jean Yanne.
Comœdia Tue. 7:15pm | La Fourmi Thu. 8pm | CNP Bellecour Fri. 7:30pm | CNP Bellecour Sat. 8:15pm  

See How They Fall by Jacques Audiard (Regarde les hommes tomber, 1994, 1h40)
Simon (Jean Yanne) abandons everything to avenge the death of his cop friend. His quest leads him to Marx, an old mobster, and Johnny, his hapless sidekick... The first film by Jacques Audiard, with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Mathieu Kassovitz.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 7:30pm | Comœdia Thu. 7:30pm

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