Larisa Shepitko
A permanent history of women filmmakers

A permanent history of women filmmakers continues, with this shooting star of the Soviet cinema. Larisa Shepitko (1938- 1979), ignored and forgotten, one of the great hopes of the cinema, directed memorable films (including her last, sublime work, The Ascent, Golden Bear at Berlin). A rare discovery.

Heat (Znoy, 1963, 1h19)
After the end of his studies, Kemel, young man of 17, goes to cultivate land in the steppes of Kazakhstan. He will be confronted by the tractor driver Abakir... Shepitko's first film, with stunning aesthetics.
Institut Lumière Sun. 11:30am

Wings (Krylya, 1966, 1h20)
A former war aviator, Nadezhda Petrukhina teaches aviation but clashes with the younger generation... The touching portrait of a willful and fragile woman, played by Maya Bulgakova. Considered a landmark work by many filmmakers.
CNP Bellecour Tue. 2:30pm  | Institut Lumière Thu. 2:30pm  

The Beginning of an Unknown Era – composed of segments Angel by Andrei Smirnov and The Homeland of Electricity by Larisa Shepitko (Nachalo nevedomogo veka, 1967, 1h11)
During the Civil War, " the Angel," a gang leader, kills all communists in his path… A young man dreams of bringing electricity to his village... A rare and moving film, banned by the Soviet government, finally in release today.
Institut Lumière Wed. 11:45am

You and Me (Ty i ya, 1971, 1h33)
Piotr, a disillusioned doctor, gives up everything to move to Siberia, leaving his friend Sacha... The confrontation of the two men with opposing destinies in the only color film Shepitko made.
Institut Lumière Tue. 10pm

The Ascent (Voskhozhdenie, 1977, 1h51)
Belarus, 1942. While the German army advances on the Russian front, two men go in search of supplies... Shepitko questions the human conscience in this last film, Golden Bear in Berlin.
Institut Lumière Tue. 7:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Sat. 4:45pm | Villa Lumière Sun. 5pm

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