Curiosities of the 1980s  

The Lumière festival team has selected five rarely-seen films of the 1980s to discover in 35mm prints. The opportunity to cross the path of exciting figures of that period: Jean-François Stévenin, André Téchiné, Alain Tanner, Christine Pascal, Jacques Rozier.

Hotel America by André Téchiné (Hôtel des Amériques, 1981, 1h33)

Gilles (Patrick Dewarere) is haunted by the confession of Hélène (Catherine Deneuve)... A love story between two misfits in scenes of ardent passion.
CNP Bellecour Wed. 5pm | Villa Lumière Fri. 6:45pm  

In the White City by Alain Tanner (Dans la ville blanche, 1983, 1h48)
Mechanic on a boat, Paul leaves his position during a stopover in Lisbon to film the city... A journey in time where the poetic footage, in 35mm, confronts the rough super 8.
Pathé Bellecour Wed. 8:45pm  | Villa Lumière Sun. 2:30pm  

Maine-Ocean Express by Jacques Rozier (Maine-Océan, 1986, 2h11)

In a train, a Brazilian dancer befriends a lawyer... Unclassifiable, a comedy close to a documentary, with a script that lends itself to improvisation, absolute liberty. With Bernard Menez.
Villa Lumière Tue. 7pm  | CNP Bellecour Wed. 7:15pm

Double Gentlemen by Jean-François Stévenin (Double messieurs, 1986, 1h31)
Two men in search of their lost childhood... A dramatic comedy that leads its characters into an initiatory fantastic adventure. Starring Jean-François Stévenin and Carole Bouquet.
CNP Bellecour Tue. 9:45pm  

Zanzibar by Christine Pascal (1989, 1h36)
A complex relationship between a producer, a director and an actress... Raw and direct, a crisis film that implicity suggests a fourth character: the cinema itself.
CNP Bellecour Fri. 8:15pm  | Villa Lumière Sat. 5pm

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