Archive Treasures    

From the Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna, Italy), to the EYE Film Institute (Amsterdam, Netherlands), from the  Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin, Germany), to the British Film Institute (London, Great Britain), from the MoMA - Museum of Modern Art (New York, United States), to the French film archives of the CNC (Paris), from the  Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique (Brussels, Belgium), to Lobster Films (Paris): film treasures (curiosities and unexpected gems) from around the world.

Assunta Spina by Gustavo Serena and Francesca Bertini (1915, 1h07)
Assunta Spina (Francesca Bertini) refuses the advances of Raffaele. He retaliates by sending an anonymous letter to her fiancé Michele... A Neapolitan melodrama, a precursor of neorealism. Proposed by the Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna, Italy).
Institut Lumière Fri. 10am

Amsterdam à l’image and other short films (1900-2010, 1h)
A century of Dutch cinema, from silent to talkies and in very different genres... A selection of eleven short films specifically chosen for Lumière 2015. Proposed by the EYE Film Institute (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
Institut Lumière Sat. 12pm

Westfront 1918 by Georg Wilhelm Pabst (1930, 1h35)

In the German trenches, the life of an infantry squad facing the horror of WWI and the terrible effects of war on family life... The first talkie by Pabst, the film was censored by the Nazi regime in 1933. Proposed by the Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin, Germany) and the British Film Institute (London, UK).
Pathé Bellecour Thu. 11am | CNP Bellecour Fri. 3pm
Wild Girl by Raoul Walsh (1932, 1h18)
Salomy Jane (Joan Bennett), a free woman and nature lover, sees a man with a desire for revenge arrive in her small town of Sierra Nevada,... An epic tale between drama and comedy in the great American outdoors. Bertrand Tavernier: "An astonishing western with phenomenal landscapes and a sassy heroine." Proposed by MoMA- Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA).
Institut Lumière Mon. 5:15pm | CNP Bellecour Tue. 8pm | CNP Bellecour Thu. 9:15pm  

Les Yeux brûlés by Laurent Roth (1986, 58min)

A young woman (Mireille Perrier), converses with the former companions of John Péraud, the photographer who disappeared at Dien Bien Phu... A reflection on the role of war reporters, between fiction and archive images. Proposed by the French Film Archives of the CNC (Paris, France).
Villa Lumière Wed. 8:30pm  | CNP Bellecour Thu. 2:30pm  

I, You, He, She by Chantal Akerman (Je, tu, il, elle, 1974, 1h26)
Julie (Chantal Akerman), has an affair with a trucker (Niels Arestrup), which leads to the woman she loves (Claire Wauthion) ... A simple and intimate film about the torments of love and solitude. Proposed by the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique (Brussels, Belgium).
Comœdia Wed. 4:30pm | CNP Bellecour Thu. 3pm

The Battle of the Century by Clyde Bruckman (1927, 20min)
Hardy, manager of a puny boxer, tries to mount an insurance scam. An unlucky accident will make all hell break loose... with the infamous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, in an epic cream pie battle! A short just recently discovered, proposed by Lobster Films (Paris, France).
Institut Lumière Tue. 11:30am

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