Music & Cinema: Alexandre Desplat

A leading composer of world cinema for Stephen Frears, Jacques Audiard, Roman Polanski, Wes Anderson, Terrence Malick... A tribute and a celebration of the Oscar he received for The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.

Institut Lumière Thu. 4:30pm

DBBF5EC9 9225 43E2 846F 41032E2B636E 102 With the Instrumental Ensemble of the Chamber Music department of the CNSMD

Franck Krawczyk: musical preparation, department director
Dominique ”Solrey” Lemonnier, musical director

Alexis Rousseau, Daniel Vlashi, Ignacio Lara-Romero, François Marat: first violins
Virgil Guglielmi, Clara Asbahs, Marija Strapcane: second violins
Hanbin Kim, Lisa Cardonnet: violas
Lucie Arnal, Apolline Lafait: cellos
Simon Alverhne: double basse

Master class
Villa Lumière Sat. 11am

See How They Fall by Jacques Audiard (Regarde les hommes tomber, 1994, 1h40)
Simon (Jean Yanne) abandons everything to avenge the death of his cop friend. His quest leads him to Marx, an old mobster, and Johnny, his hapless sidekick... The first film by Jacques Audiard, with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Mathieu Kassovitz.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 7:30pm | Comœdia Thu. 7:30pm

Bandes originales : Alexandre Desplat à notre portée
 by Pascale Cuenot (2015, 52min)
From Paris to New York, the work and career path of Alexandre Desplat, the composer crowned by an Oscar this year for the soundtrack of The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.
Villa Lumière Fri. 2:30pm  

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