Pixar revolutionized animation with digital techniques, inventing a wildly funny and clever tone, which delights both children and adults. An exceptional tribute in the presence of genius John Lasseter, the Walt Disney of the 21st century, and thanks to Disney.
VF: In French.
VOSTF: In English with French subtitles


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Toy Story by John Lasseter (1995, 1h27)
Woody the cowboy is Andy's favorite toy, but he smells trouble when the boy receives Buzz for his birthday, a lively and dashing astronaut... Friendship, jealousy, adventure, and larger than life heroes: the film that revolutionized cinema animation!
Halle Tony Garnier Wed. 2:30pm (VF) | Institut Lumière Mon. 11:15am (VOSTF)

A Bug's Life by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton (1998, 1h35)
Flik, a clumsy ant, goes in search of "warriors" to fight against Hopper, a grasshopper that terrorizes the community... Twists and turns in breathtaking scenery.
Bron Sat. 2:30pm  (VF)

Monsters, Inc. by Pete Docter, David Silverman and Lee Unkrich 
(2001, 1h32)

A little human girl wreaks havoc when she enters Monstropolis, the city of monsters that scare children for their screams... A hilarious, original and endearing movie, a delight for kids and adults.
Charbonnières-les-Bains Sat. 5pm (VF) | CNP Bellecour Sun. 3pm (VOSTF)

Finding Nemo by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich (2003, 1h41)

Marlin, a clown fish living in the coral reef, goes in search of his son Nemo, abducted by fishermen ... A thrilling adventure in the splendor of the ocean and the hilariously dopey Dory.
Pathé Bellecour Sat. 2:15pm  (VOSTF) | Pathé Carré de Soie Sun. 3:30pm (VF)

The Incredibles by Brad Bird (2004, 2h03)

A superhero family living incognito must resume service to save the world from destruction... A jubilant movie full of references, from James Bond Marvel comics.
Pathé Bellecour Sun. 2:30pm  (VOSTF) | Comœdia Sat. 2pm (VF)

Cars by John Lasseter (2006, 1h36)
Lightning McQueen, the shiny red race car learns that in life, the journey is more important than the finish line... An instant classic still beloved by kids today, featuring a funny gallery of offbeat characters that only Pixar could have invented.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 5:30pm (VOSTF)

Ratatouille by Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava (2007, 1h50)
Remy dreams of becoming a chef of a great starred restaurant in Paris. However, Remy…  is a rat... Imaginative characters in lavish animation settings... A real treat!
Villa Lumière Sat. 2:30pm  (VOSTF) | Dardilly Sun. 4pm (VF)

WALL-E by Andrew Stanton (2008, 1h37)
Wall-E, little robot garbage collector left alone on Earth falls madly in love with EVE, a beautiful "girlbot" who is on a reconnaissance mission. A small jewel of poetry.
Pathé Bellecour Sat. 11am (VF) | CNP Bellecour Sat. 5:15pm (VOSTF)


Week-end Pixar, la Fourmi / Lyon 3e

Saturday, October 17
1:45pm Monstres Academy by Dan Scanlon (2013, 1h44)
4pm Rebelle by Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman and Steve Purcell (2012, 1h33)
6pm Là-Haut by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson (2009, 1h36)

Sunday, October 18
11am Toy Story 2 by John Lasseter, Ash Brannon and Lee Unkrich (1999, 1h32)
2pm Cars 2 by John Lasseter and Brad Lewis (2011, 1h46)
4:15pm  Toy Story 3 by Lee Unkrich (2010, 1h43)
6:30pm Vice-Versa by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen (2015, 1h34)

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