Carte blanche to Martin Scorsese

A pioneering leader of the Soviet cinema, a romantic ballad against the backdrop of the Mexican revolution, a silent film masterpiece, a gem from the"master of suspense”… ever-eternal cinephile Martin Scorsese has hand-picked seventeen films for the Lumière Festival that have marked his director's imagination.


He Who Gets Slapped by Victor Sjöström (1924, 1h35)

A betrayed and humiliated scientist (Lon Chaney) becomes "the clown who gets slapped"... The tragic and surprising story of a "beautiful loser," portrayed by one of the best actors of silent film.
Institut Lumière Tue. 11:30am

Earth by Alexandre Dovjenko (Zemlya, 1930, 1h22)

The problem of land collectivization divides the inhabitants of a small village... A broad portrait of the Ukrainian peasantry with a lyrical and ideological anthem, directed by a leading figure of Soviet cinema.
Institut Lumière Wed. 10am

Law and Order by Edward L. Cahn (1932, 1h14)

The legendary episode of the conquest of the West, the shootout at the OK Corral, at Tombstone in 1881 with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.... A jewel of the genre, a rarity with the dialogues written by a certain John Huston.
Institut Lumière Sat. 10am

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (1943, 2h43)

A soldier rises through the ranks in the British Army... A majestic work, both comic and tragic, addressing the subject of the human condition, beyond the context of WWII.
Bron Fri. 8:30pm  | CNP Bellecour Sun. 5pm

Enamorada by Emilio Fernández (1946, 1h39)
A general imposes a distribution of wealth then falls in love with the daughter of a rich aristocrat... An elegant and poetic romance about the Mexican revolution with Mexican cinema legends Maria Felix and Pedro Armendariz.
Pathé Bellecour Mon. 2:15pm  | Pathé Cordeliers Tue. 3pm | CNP Bellecour Sun. 2:30pm

Force of Evil by Abraham Polonsky (1948, 1h18)

New York. A lawyer obsessed with money is at the service of a gangster and his associates... A powerful film noir about capitalism and corruption, by the man who was once a prime victim of McCarthyism.
CNP Bellecour Mon. 2:45pm  

People will Talk by Joseph Leo Mankiewicz (1951, 1h50)
A doctor (Cary Grant) is slandered by his jealous colleagues... A dramatic comedy that takes its originality from the experience of its director with McCarthyism.
CNP Bellecour Mon. 4:45pm

To Live by Akira Kurosawa (Ikiru, 1952, 2h23)
A man suffering from a disease discovers a taste for life, when it escapes him... A personal and ambitious film, sober and free, one of the great public and critical successes of Kurosawa.
Cinéma Opéra Mon. 5:15pm | CNP Bellecour Tue. 7pm  | CNP Bellecour Thu. 4:15pm | Institut Lumière Fri. 7pm

Sound of the Mountain by Mikio Naruse
 (Yama no oto, 1954, 1h36)
A woman and her father in-law become close, following the deterioration of their respective relationships... A melancholic and poignant drama, a technical and emotional summit, illuminated by the smile of Setsuko Hara.
CNP Bellecour Tue. 4:15pm

Dial M for Murder 3D by Alfred Hitchcock 
(1954, 1h45)

A former tennis champion wants to murder his wife... The alliance of a timeless classic coupled with the controversial 3D technology of the 50s- a unique experience. Starring Grace Kelly.
Comœdia Fri. 6:30pm (3D)

The Round-Up by Miklós Jancsó (Szegénylegények, 1966, 1h28)
Budapest, 1869. The government hunts down insurgents who have become bandits ... A sober and exciting drama, describing the manipulative methods of an implacable power.
CNP Bellecour Wed. 5:45pm | CNP Bellecour Thu. 7pm 

Antonio das Mortes by Glauber Rocha (O Dragão da Maldade contra o Santo Guerreiro, 1969, 1h45)

A former hired killer must take down the leader of a band of insurgents... Brazilian western and popular fable, with mysticism and music.
CNP Bellecour Tue. 7:15pm

The Mummy by Chadi Abdel Salam (Al-mummia, 1969, 1h43)
In 1881, mysterious antiques begin appearing on the Thebes market... A work of hypnotic charm, prompting a reflection on the balance between traditional and modern society. A gem of Egyptian cinema.
Pathé Bellecour Wed. 2:45pm  | CNP Bellecour Fri. 5:45pm

Lucky Luciano by Francesco Rosi (1973, 1h55)
After nine years in prison in the United States, a gangster returns to Italy ... A classic based on a true story, a political "film-dossier" on the interdependence between legal and illegal powers.
Institut Lumière Thu. 9pm

The Horse Thief by Zhuangzhuang Tian and Peicheng Pan 
(Dao ma zei, 1986, 1h28)
A Tibetan shepherd is forced to steal horses to feed his family... A wonderful film, quasi-documentary, a denunciation of a challenging social situation that continues today.
CNP Bellecour Wed. 2:45pm  

Brightness by Souleymane Cissé (Yeelen, 1987, 1h46)

As he prepares to become a desert sorcerer, a young man must flee the wrath of his father... An African initiatory journey of refined beauty. Jury Prize in Cannes.
CNP Bellecour Thu. 8:30pm  

The Profession of Arms by Ermanno Olmi (Il mestiere delle armi, 2001, 1h40)
1526. Jean de Medici opposes the Emperor Charles V... The staging was inspired by Flemish paintings, of an extreme historical precision with breathtaking reconstitution in the wild natural scenery.
CNP Bellecour Fri. 3:15pm

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